Version 2.2.1: Workflow improvements

Feb 2022

  1. Fix: added welcome page for un-approved accounts
  2. Fix: the plus menu in the chat not opening after an attachment was sent is fixed
  3. Fix: notification indicator on the Inbox label in the nav bar would not show if an attachment was send. This is fixed
  4. Fix: When an attachment is sent, the last message shown on the inbox was not updated.
  5. Improvement: made all settings pages responsive (Info Overview, User Settings, Services provided, Equipment Supported, Technology, Region, Blocklist, My team, Job archive, Documentation)
  6. Improvement: reduced lag on phone number input field and improved validation
  7. Improvement: hide left menu on small screens and show options in hamburger menu instead
  8. Improvement: removed tabs on the project chat. Now all attachments and invoice are shown on the same page.
  9. Improvement: added horizontal scroll for attachments in the project chat if there are to many to show
  10. Feature: notifications older than 4 months and clicked = yes will move to the low-access archive database.
  11. Feature: notifications that are removed will move to the low-access archive database.

Version 2.2.0: Revamped App & Inbox

Jan 2022

Milestone: Revamped mobile app
  1. Feature: added push notifications (New Project Message, New General Message, New Job Invite, New Proposal, Proposal Accepted, Proposal Declined, Job Completed, Additional scope requested, Additional scope accepted, Additional scope rejected, Cancelation request requested , Cancelation request accepted, Cancelation request rejected)
  2. Feature: redesigned Inbox
  3. Feature: Inbox new unread indicator
  4. Feature: project state shown directly in the chat page
  5. Feature: chat messages now show unread indicator
  6. Feature: the date is only shown for notification older than a day. For notifications sent today, the time is shown
  7. Feature: added read indicator for alerts (Alerts == Notifications on desktop)
  8. Feature: added profile tabs for business profile (user profile, documentation, support)
  9. Improvement: updated design on bottom menu
  10. Improvement: updated design on Profile
  11. Improvement: updated design on Find Jobs
  12. Improvement: updated design on Alerts (Alerts == Notifications on desktop)
  13. Improvement: updated design on My Jobs
  14. Improvement: updated design on Login Screen
  15. Improvement: updated design and functionality of Splash screen
  16. Improvement: updated bottom menu icons
  17. Improvement: updated unread indicator on My Jobs
  18. Improvement: updated unread message count on My Jobs
  19. Improvement: updated error copy when login failed
  20. Improvement: made button text non selectable
Milestone feature: New Inbox
  1. Feature: all project chats and general chats are shown in Inbox
  2. Feature: completely redesigned chat elements
  3. Feature: redesigned input area
  4. Feature: added notification indicator to inbox tab in menu
  5. Feature: chat selector (left) shows the last message in the chat
  6. Feature: chat selector (left) shows the status of the project
  7. Feature: chat selector (left) shows a notification indicator (if the last message is unread)
  8. Feature: added a "Utility Cupboard" to the chat, showing quick access information related to the chat and the project. This includes: attachments, invoices, job information, supplier/client information and more depending on the state of the chat and project.
  9. Feature: "Re-upload" invoice feature added to Inbox. Suppliers can use this if a mistake bas been made on an invoice.
  10. Feature: A client has the ability to complete the project directly from the chat window.
  11. Feature: A client has the ability to send a cancellation request directly from the chat window.
  12. Feature: if a chat is a "general chat" (no project associate to it), the Utility Cupboard describes this.
  13. Improvement: when the page is refreshed the selected conversation remains
  14. Improvement: message input area grows if the message typed is long
Milestone: Updated project chat
  1. Feature: completely redesigned chat elements
  2. Feature: tab system between Chat, Attachments and Invoice, each with existing related functions (e.g. upload attachment or re-upload invoice)
  3. Feature: redesigned input area
  4. Feature: read and sent indicators
  5. Feature: new menu for actions: added scope, attachment upload, send to approve
  6. Improvement: message input area grows if the message typed is long
  7. Improvement: updated design for actions dialogs (added scope, cancellation request, upload invoice, re-upload invoice)
  8. Improvement: workflows surrounding the "Re-upload" invoice feature improved
  9. Improvement: removed added scope button for clients (it was never clickable)
  10. Fix: all choice objects in the chat (e.g. accept/reject added scope) are made inactive if the job reaches a finished state (completed OR cancelled)
Milestone feature: Notifications updated
  1. Feature: all notifications now have a colour state so it is easy to see what needs attention at a glance. If the notification is unclicked, it is shown in colour: green for positive and orange for negative. When a notification is clicked, it is turned grey to show it has been acted on.
  2. Feature: removed chat message notifications (as these are now in the Inbox)
  3. Feature: action dialogs (added scope, cancellation request, upload invoice, re-upload invoice) now all trigger push notifications, desktop alerts and are added to the affected users notification list.
  4. Improvement: each notification now has a unique icon for easy recognition
  5. Improvement: updated copy for all notifications and linked to dynamic data (e.g. job name, user name)
  6. Improvement: the date is only shown for notification older than a day. For notifications sent today, the time is shown
  7. Improvement: added go-to actions for all notifications - taking the user to the appropriate page.
Other improvements
  1. Feature: redesigned supplier profile page
  2. Feature: added "send feedback" button
  3. Improvement: report page now full width to include more information on a single page
  4. Improvement: previously, added scope modified the proposal price. Now they are kept separate, the original proposal price is immutable and added scope can be seen in a different field along with the total price.
  5. Improvement: new unread indicator for jobs (shown on job category and on individual job items in the table)
  6. Improvement: when the My Jobs page is refreshed, the selected menu stays the same
  7. Fix: when a proposal is accepted, any other proposals to the same job are now automatically rejected. Notifications are sent out to related suppliers.
  8. Fix: bug stopping suppliers from completing the onboarding is resolved ("?step=")

Version 2.1.3: Update of updates

Oct 2022

There were no "big" additions this update, instead we focussed on smaller improvements that improve the day-to-day usage of the platform.

  1. Feature: Project chat read receipts
  2. Feature: Notification sent to Client when bid by date reached
  3. Feature: Proposal information is now always visible
  4. Feature: Suppliers now get notifications when their proposal is declined
  5. Feature: Cancellation dialog: when cancelling, a reason is now required
  6. Improvement: Document update notifications  
  7. Improvement: Document expiry notifications  
  8. Improvement: Supplier profile page rebuilt with responsiveness in mind
  9. Improvement: Find Suppliers page rebuilt with responsiveness in mind
  10. Improvement: Navbar rebuilt with responsiveness in mind
  11. Improvement: Navbar (text environment) rebuilt with responsiveness in mind
  12. Improvement: account menu improved with navigation
  13. Improvement: removed the ability to add additional scope when the job is complete.
  14. Improvement: optimised database field usage to improve speed
  15. Improvement: changed copy shown on some dialogs (e.g. hire supplier)
  16. Improvement: updated button styling to be more consistant (e.g. reduced saturation on offer declined button)
  17. Improvement: removed edit and cancel project buttons when the join is ongoing (though these were there previously, they were not clickable)
  18. Bugfix: auto-cancelled jobs were not cancelled if before feature was implemented
  19. Bugfix: if a user is removed from a team, they could not be readded ("This user is already a member of a team")
  20. Bugfix: readded users now showing up in the team section of the settings
  21. Bugfix: supplier documentation notifications
  22. Bugfix: jobs not showing in archive if the user has less than 200 jobs
  23. Bugfix: after uploading a file, the filename does not change to the new one

Version 2.1.2: Auto-archive & Blocklist

July 2022

Milestone Feature: Auto-archive
  1. Feature: Users now have access to a Jobs Archive in their Settings page. From here, they can see a list of old completed and cancelled jobs.
  2. Feature: Users can search their archive by job title or order reference
  3. Improvement: The table used in the archive is now updated for better searchability and sorting.
  4. Improvement: The completed folder in the dashboard now only holds the 200 most recent jobs. Users who have had over 200 can expect significant speed improvements
Milestone Feature: Blocklist
  1. Feature: Users are now able to add other users to a Blocklist. This is accessible via the Settings.
  2. Feature: The Blocklist stops the user from seeing selected users on the platform. Exceptions exist in the case of past or existing jobs. For example, a client / engineer will be able to see a blocked engineer / client when looking at a job completed by them in the past.
  3. Feature: Users can remove other users from their blocklist via a removal button in the Settings
  4. Feature: If a client has blocked a supplier and posts a job with auto-invitation turned on, blocked users will not get an invite
Other improvements
  1. Feature: Clients sent a notification when a new engineer is approved
  2. Feature: Clients can be notified when an engineer updates their documentation (opt in / out)
  3. Feature: Bid-by date. In the posting a job flow, a client can now specify a "bid-by date". This is shown to engineers in the job detail page.
  4. Improvement: The job allocation algorithm now takes into account whether or not an engineer has uploaded a safe contractor document. Engineers who have are now more likely to receive job invitations.
  5. Improvement: Improved internal automation for sign ups
  6. Improvement: Admin users can now select a permission level when inviting a user (admin, member)
  7. Improvement: When jobs sent via the SMART app integration are labelled so to not use the auto-invite feature, they are also set to invite-only
  8. Improvement: Job detail screen updated so that key information is more easily readable
  9. Improvement: Dashboard search improved
  10. Improvement: Changed order of Settings menu & renamed sections
  11. Improvement: Copy updated for various email notifications to clients, engineers and internal team
  12. Fix: All admin users can now add a user to their team, stopping the issue some users faced that meant that the invitation dialog did not open
  13. Fix: Fixed a workflow interruption that meant that sometimes auto-invites were not sent out
  14. Fix: Fixed a workflow interruption that meant that sometimes auto-cancellations were not sent out (in the event that an engineer does not reply to a client).

Version 2.1.1: Apple App & Client Reports

April 2022

Milestone Feature: Apple App
  1. The InstaENG app is available on iOS! 🍏🚀
  2. Improvement: The Android app has been restructured to provide a better user experience
  3. Fix: Mobile Project chat scroll improved
Milestone Feature: Client Reports
  1. Feature: Clients of InstaENG are now able to see reports by clicking the “Reports” button in the top navigation menu.
  2. Feature: The Overview Report shows a high level view of jobs and hired suppliers over time and split by region.
  3. Feature: The Transactions Report shows a list of all completed jobs with names, suppliers, budget and actual spend along with a link to the invoice
Other improvements
  1. Feature: Job Cancellation Procedure. Now, after a cancellation is sent by a client, if there is no response from the supplier within 12 hours, the supplier recieves a secondary notification (after the original one they recieved at the point of cancellation). If another 12 hours passes (so 24 hours from the time of cancellation) without a response from the supplier, the cancellation request is automatically accepted.
  2. Feature: Auto-invite suppression support for SMART app integration
  3. Improvement: Integration of new auto-invite algorithm taking into account more than just the location.
  4. Improvement: When supplier accreditations are missing, we now show an improved placeholder describing so.
  5. Improvement: Users can update profile images directly from settings
  6. Improvement: Add country indicator for mobile number in Supplier sign up
  7. Improvement: Add country indicator for mobile number in Business Settings editor
  8. Feature: [Admin dashboard] Ability to export data to csv
  9. Fix: All profile images are now centred and are not cropped so that the entire image is visible
  10. Fix: Project chat & Inbox chat scrolling direction is as expected on desktop (and not reversed, like on mobile)
  11. Fix: New chat messages appear at bottom without additional scroll needed
  12. Fix: suppliers can now no longer submit the same job offer to the same job

Version 2.1.0: Supplier Documentation

Feb 2022

Milestone Feature: Supplier Documentation
  • Supplier onboarding includes a new page: "Documentation"
  • Suppliers can view, add and update their documentation in a new "Documentation" section, accessible in their settings.
  • Supplier profiles now has a documentation section including Insurance and Health and Safety & the ability to view these documents.
  • The accreditations within supplier profiles now include links to their uploaded documents.
  • Instead of files, document links can be provided. Solves cases where policies exist on the web.
  • Admins can now view & update supplier documentation
More improvements
  • Feature: Supplier profiles only show documentation to users logged in as clients and not to other suppliers or unauthenticated users.
  • Feature (beta): Reporting dashboard linked to client data accessible via the "Reports" menu button. This is currently being trialled with a small number of clients whilst we refine the experience.
  • Feature: Jobs Archive. The "Cancelled Jobs" folder has been removed from the dashboard. Jobs that are cancelled are now found in the Settings page, under "Jobs Archive"
  • Fix: Admin profile now includes all onboarding data
  • Fix: A bug fixed where in some cases not all team members were shown in the Team section.
  • Fix: email notifications are no longer sent for users whilst in the test environment
  • Fix: Dashboard name no includes “v2”
  • Improvement: The offers dropdown in the job detail page is better described when empty
  • Improvement: dashboard initial loading time reduced by loading less information per object
  • Improvement: add close button to inbox

Version 2.0.0

Dec 2021

Added support for organisations.

Version 1.0

InstaENG has been released!